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HBTI provides a wide range of technical classes and flat rate mobile app support to help individuals and companies increase their skill set, implement better technical practices, and ultimately improve their bottom line profits.

Everyone in your organization will benefit from our State-of-the-Art Hands on Technical Training Lab.   Our technical trainers are leaders in the industry and will assure your service/maintenance & install technicians become well skilled at troubleshooting and installation fire offs for HVAC equipment, which will reduce call backs and increase customer satisfaction and profits.   These courses will enable contractors to not only sharpen the skills of existing technicians in our industry but also allow contractors to seek out the needed help from outside the industry and build the techs to fit each organization. We offer a variety of technical training classes and industry certification courses.  

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Our HBTI flat rate mobile service app is designed by technicians and service managers along with input from office staff.  It is a one of a kind flat rate pricing program with a proven process to help technicians communicate system weaknesses and promote maintenance agreement sales to the homeowner getting the best performance results in the industry.  See the HBTI mobile tab for more information.

If you are looking for more information please call us at (253) 246-7162.