HBTI Shows Proven Results

“Just wanted to say thanks. I had taken the 06a test four times and failed with my best score being a 63% then I took the 06a class and passed the test with an 85%. The hand outs and thumb drive helped a lot. I also liked how the class was actually about how to take the test instead of some other useless stuff you always hear in other classes, I appreciate it.” – Bryan S., HVAC Technician

“Your technical training classes have been great to send my techs to.  I appreciate that you’re close by and have a solid program that allows me to keep my techs up to date on their skills.”  – Chris B., Service Manager at Dana’s Heating & Cooling

“We are getting more leads from our service department and the leads that I am getting from service technicians seem to already be sold when I arrive.” – Nathan, Robbins Air

“That class was great. Most classes I go to I could teach better but not Dave’s. When I heard he was teaching this one, I had to go. I got there and was I glad. He had me from the start and when I left I was so glad I went. I can’t wait for the NATE classes and I’m glad HE will be the one teaching it. The guy’s a born instructor… Just can’t wait. He will be our path for the future of our success. Way to go buddy. One darn good guy.  I just really enjoyed that class and wanted you guys to know it.”  – Marcus H., Harlow Brothers HVAC



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