Welcome to TechReady Mobile Application Process


We’re happy that you’re joining us! The Phase 1 process that you’re doing today will only take you about 15-20 minutes. We will be asking for the following information, and would encourage you to have it handy before you start the process to expedite your sign up.


Phase 1 Sign Up


  • Company Information
    • Who will be the administrator of your new TechReady Mobile program?
    • Billing information
  • Your hourly flat rate price
  • Precision tune up prices for the different systems you perform precision tune ups on.
  • Discount % for maintenance agreement customers
  • Increased % for overtime charges
  • Warranty length for repairs performed for maintenance agreement customers
  • The diagnostic charges for Residential & Commercial
  • The additional charges for extended travel on diagnostics & tune ups
  • Your maintenance agreement benefits (we will help with this later on in the set up process as well)
  • Individual email addresses and names for all users that will be involved in the program. Please make sure that each office and field user has their own email address.


Phase 2 Confirmation& Payment Once you finish the sign up process, we will call you to confirm the order within 2 business days. At that time we will need to collect credit card information to process your order and set up your company. This credit card will be used for the automatic recurring monthly billing for future months as well. After our phone conversation, it will take us approximately 2-3 business days to get your company set up once we have all the information.


Phase 3 Follow up & Implementation Once we finish processing your company’s set up, we will contact your administrator via email to confirm that you can start using the program. We will also include a better practice process of how to implement your new system to ensure a smooth transition for all of your co-workers.


Start Sign Up Process